The Sportsman and the Spaniel

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One day, a Sportsman took his gun and went to the forest, to hunt for birds. His old Spaniel went with him. The Spaniel was an old dog that had good experience in hunting birds.

While spotting birds, the Sportsman saw a beautiful Bird. He, at once, aimed at the Bird. However, right then, he saw a covey of Partridges flying above his head. He became greedy and decided to somehow shoot both the birds.

Then, suddenly, the Sportsman changed his mind and aimed only at the Partridges. The Sportsman was new and inexperienced to the sport. Thus, he was not able to shoot the Partridges. Also, the loud sound of the bullet alarmed the other Bird and it flew


The Sportsman was very sad at his failure.

The Spaniel saw that his master was sad, so, he said,

“Dear master, you should not have aimed at two birds at the same time. If you would not have become greedy,

looking at the Partridge and kept your concentration on the Bird you would have successfully captured it!”

It is important to focus on your goal rather than get distracted with various options.


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