The Spider and the Fly

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Spiky the spider fell in love with Daisy the fly. He told her of his love for her and begged her to become his wife. But the Daisy did not like the Spiky and so she refused to marry him. Spiky tried his best to woo the fly but she was not willing to change her mind.

One day, the Daisy saw Spiky coming towards her. She quickly shut the doors and windows of her house and put a pot of water to boil on the fire. She waited for some time and when the spider called out to her, she quickly threw the boiling water at him. Spiky was enraged and cursed the fly, “I will never forgive you. My descendants and I shall always hate you and will never let you live in peace. You will regret this.”

That is why even today one sees how spiders hate flies.

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