The Sparrow

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A  sparrow once ate all the grains put out by the woman next door. In a fit of anger, the ill-tempered neighbour cut the sparrow’s tongue. Whimpering in pain, the poor bird flew away. Her mistress was heartbroken to find her beloved bird missing. She and her husband set out in its search. At last they found it perched on a tree in the nearby forest.

The sparrow welcomed them and laid out a special .Heal for them. When it was time to leave, the sparrow gave them a basket. On reaching home, they saw that the basket was full of gold and silver. From that day there was prosperity in their house.

Their neighbour was full of envy on seeing the change. She wished the same for herself and set out to find the sparrow. The sparrow gave her a basket too. But to her horror, she found that the basket contained not gold but frightful creatures that bit her. She realised her mistake and was ashamed of her deeds.

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