The Sparrow Chicks

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Once a sparrow lived in a nest with four chicks. One day, some boys destroyed their nest but the little sparrows managed to fly away to safety. The sparrow was sad that his children were separated from each other and was afraid because the chicks were gone before he could warn them of the dangers of the world and how to deal with them.

After a few months, in the autumn, when all the sparrows gathered together for their yearly meeting, he found his chicks in a wheat field. They were all overjoyed to meet each other and be united again. The sparrow asked his children how they had spent the summer.

The first sparrow said that he had stayed in a garden and ate caterpillars and worms. The second one said that he had lived in a royal court, and the third one had spent the summer on the highway. All the three sparrows had learnt about the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves.

The fourth one was the weakest of all the four sparrows. The father asked him to stay with him so that he could protect him against the eagles and hawks. Then the father asked him where he had spent his summer. The little chick replied that he had spent his summer in a church and had learnt that he who commits himself to God need not protect himself for God will be his protector.

The father realised that his fourth son too had learnt everything and would be safe.

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