The Sow and the Cat

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0 ne day, a Sow was playing with her five piglets in mud. Just then, a Cat came to her. The Cat was followed by a long line of kittens, she had recently delivered.

The Cat and the Sow exchanged greetings and started a conversation.

Soon, the Sow and the Cat started discussing the large sizes of their families.

The Sow said to the Cat, “Dear sister, we are so lucky to be able to give birth to a large litter of babies.”

The Cat smiled and said, “Yes sister, what you say is true. But, your litter, though big, is of no use. They will grow up to be lazy pigs like you. It is foolish of you to┬ádeliver so many piglets at the same time!”

The Sow did not like what the Cat said for her piglets.

So, she said to the Cat, “Sister! I may be foolish but you are no better. You deliver your kittens blind and leave them to the mercy of the predator.”

The Cat realised her mistake and apologised to the Sow for saying harsh words to her.

Do not find fault in others, as nobody is perfect.

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