The Snowdrop

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It was a very cold winter and the snowdrop flower seed lay under the sno•-covered earth. It was not line for it to break through the earth yet.

One day. a drop of rain reached the sleeping flower. “You should see the magical world above!” it said. Snowdrop wanted to go up even though it was not yet summer. “Let me stretch myself,” he thought and grew out above the earth. “Look whose here!” exclaimed the sunbeams happy to see him—he was the first. But soon clouds covered the sun and cold winds began to blow. They said to the snowdrop. “You are too early! You will die.” But the Hover had faith that the summer would come, so it stood tall and strong in the cold.

Then a girl came and plucked the snowdrop. She said. “It is the first flower!” Snowdrop felt proud.

The girl kept it in a glass of water beside the window in a warm room. And soon, the sunbeams shone on it through the window and summer came.

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