The Snake Friend

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Once there lived a snake and a little girl who were very fast friends. Every day when the mother served her daughter milk and bread, the snake popped out of its hole to share the food. But it only drank the milk. In return, the snake gave the little girl many lovely gifts.

One day, the girl didn’t want to eat her food. When the snake arrived to share her food, the girl said, “You will get the milk but you have to eat the bread too.” The snake refused to do so and the girl got angry. She hit him with a spoon on his head. Just then, her mother entered. “Snake! Snake!” she cried in fear. She was unaware of her daughter’s friendship with the snake. Angrily, she picked up a log of wood lying nearby and threw it at the snake and killed it.

The little girl became very sad for she had lost her only true friend. She became pale and gave up drinking milk and eating bread.

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