The Smart Trader

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Once upon a time, long ago. a Japanese trader went to China and bought six beautiful Chinese sparrows. I will gift them to my king! He will love them! Fie will reward me handsomely for theseĀ  gifts,” thought the trader. But the king was a superstitious man. He always thought of the number seven as lucky for him. He was also known for his quick temper. Knowing this, the trader did not want to anger him. He thought hard for some time. He added an ordinary Japanese sparrow along with the six others, in the cage, to make them seven in total. The king was pleased when lie saw the sparrows, but he said, “Hmm… I see that one sparrow is Japanese!” The trader was embarrassed at first but suddenly a brilliant idea came to his mind. He said. “You see, Sire, this ordinary bird is the interpreter, so lie has to live with them!” Hearing this smart reply, the king was pleased and rewarded the trader a bagful of gold coins!

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