The Skilful Girl

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Once there was an orphan girl. A poor old woman gave her shelter in her house. “She is so kind and thoughtful. I should repay her in some way,” thought the grateful girl.

She took some flax and made it into fine thread. Then she wove a very soft cloth. “Please sell this cloth in the market. The money will help you,” she said. The old woman thought that the cloth was too fine to sell, so she took it to the king as a gift.

The king was very pleased and gave her a big reward in return.

The king wanted to get the cloth sewn but there was not a tailor in the kingdom that could sew such a fine cloth. “Sire, let the person who has woven this cloth sew it too.” Saying this the old woman took the cloth back to the girl. The next day, the girl herself took the garment to the king. Charmed by her beauty and the exquisite garment the king asked her to marry him and they lived happily ever after.

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