The Six Swans

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There lived a king who once lost his way while hunting in the forest. He met an old woman who said, ” I will show you the way out on the condition that you marry my daughter.” The king agreed.

The king had six sons and one daughter. He was worried that his new queen would not treat his children well. “I will not tell her about the children. I will hide them in the castle.”

Meanwhile, the suspicious queen who was actually a witch, bribed the servants and found out the secret way to the castle. She reached the castle and with her magical powers, turned the six boys into swans.

The little sister was left to wander alone in the forest. One day, she saw the swans and recognised her brothers. “If you sew six shirts of starflowers for us within six years we will be free. But you cannot utter a word or laugh even during this time,” they said.

Years passed by. Meanwhile, the king of the neighbouring country came hunting to the forest. He was captivated by her beauty and married her. The king had a wicked mother who was not happy with this marriage. She convinced the king that the new queen tried to kill her own children. She forced him to sentence the queen to death by the fire. The queen was unable to speak in her defense. Just when the fire was about to be lit, six swans came flying towards her, touched the shirts and became free from enchantment. They regained their human forms and told the entire story to the king. The king punished the wicked mother for her treachery. The brothers and sister were overjoyed to be united.

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