The Singing Donkey

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A donkey and a jackal were friends. One night they were walking together and felt hungry. They saw a field in which cucumbers were growing. They went inside to eat the cucumbers.

They ate and ate till they could eat no more. The donkey was feeling nice and full and said to the jackal, “Little one, what a beautiful night this is ! I’m so happy that I want to sing.”

“Please don’t sing, Uncle,” said the jackal. “It might get us into trouble. The farmers will hear you and will come running with their sticks. Besides, you don’t know the first thing about singing. Your voice is loud like a horn.”

“Come, come,” said the donkey. “You seem to know nothing about music. When you’ve heard my song,

you’ll surely like it.”

“Very well, Uncle,” said the jackal. “But first let me get away. You can then sing as much as you like.”

After the jackal had gone, the donkey lifted his head and began to bray loudly. On hearing him the farmers came running with their sticks. They gave him a good beating and drove him away from the field.

Next day the jackal met the donkey. “Uncle, did you enjoy your singing ?” he asked.

Little one,” said the donkey, “you were quite right. I am sorry I did not listen to your advice.”

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