The Silkworm and the Spider

Princess Lioness ordered the silkworm to spin twenty yards of silk for her royal robe. The silkworm sat by her loom and began the work eagerly.

One day, a spider came along and asked the silkworm if it could hire a web-room close by. The silkworm consented and the spider started to weave his web. He finished his work quickly and said to the silkworm, “See how delicate and lovely my web looks. And I have finished my work so quickly while you are so slow. Don’t you agree that I’m a better worker than you?”

The silkworm replied scornfully, “Go away, you disturb me.” Then she looked at the exquisite web she was making and said to the spider, “Your web is only a dirty trap for others and it can be easily destroyed, whereas what I design is beautiful and stored as a royal ornament.”

Thus true art is something, which takes time to produce, lasts longer. and pleases all.

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