The Seven Ravens

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A man had seven strong sons but he longed for a daughter. Eventually, a girl was born to his wife. He sent his sons to fetch water for her baptism. On the way back, one of the boys dropped the jug in the well. Now all of them were too afraid to return home. Angry by the delay, the man cursed that all his sons turn into ravens.

Meanwhile, the little girl grew up to be a beautiful and strong girl. One day, she heard people saying, “You had seven brothers. But your father cursed them to become ravens. Now, you are the only one who can save them.” She was determined to find her brothers. She took a ring belonging to her parents and set off.

After some days, she came to the glass mountain where her brothers were locked. Unable to find a key, she cut off one of her fingers to open the lock. When she went inside, she found seven plates of food and seven glasses of water on the table. The little sister ate a morsel of food from each plate and took a sip of water from each glass. But in the last little glass she dropped the ring and then went and hid inside.

Suddenly, she heard the flutter of wings. The ravens had returned. They sat down to eat. “Look at this!” the seventh raven picked up the ring in his glass, and recognised it immediately. “I wish our sister was here. If she touched us we’d be free.” The girl came forward and she touched them lovingly. At once they were restored to their human forms again.

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