A scorpion lived in a dark and dingy cave near a mountain. He grew tired of his surroundings and wanted Lied a change. One day, he came out of his cave and noticed that the valley across the river was very green. He crawled up to the riverbank and wondered how to cross it. Suddenly, he noticed a frog leaping around. “Hello, Mr. Frog, would you carry me to the other side of the river?” asked the, but you scorpion. “I would have but you see I don’t trust scorpions,” replied the frog. “All scorpions are not bad. If I sting you on the way I will die for I do not know how to swim,” explained the scorpion. Now the frog saw enough reason in the scorpion’s statement and agreed to carry him   across the river. So the scorpion hopped on to the frog’s back and they set out on the journey. The frog paddled his limbs through the water as fast as he could. Half way through the journey, he suddenly felt a sharp sting on his soft hide. “Why did you sting me? Now both of us shall drown,” cried he. “What can I do for this is my nature,” replied the unrepentant scorpion. The frog and the scorpion immediately drowned in the gushing water.

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