The sage and the disciple

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Shiva Sharma, a sage was very happy with one of his disciples Ramakrishna that he taught him a unique hymn.

“Ramakrislina, be sure. This mantra fulfil anything you wish for” he told his disciple. Ramakrishna was not happy with one such hymn. So he told his teacher : “Guruji, Have I not served you for many years? Teach me one more mantra so that I can wish for two things.”

Shivasharma advised him not to ask any more. But Ramakrishna didn’t listen. So his teacher taught him one more hymn. Ramakrishna left the Ashram happily.

He reached home. He desired to test the mantra taught by his teacher. He wished that his house should be full of gold. The whole house turned into gold. Wherever he saw there was gold. Seeing so much wealth Ramakrishna became very happy and was overjoyed at it. After a while his mind started working.

`To day I am very rich. Everybody will come to know it. Tomorrow robbers and thieves will start coming to my house. All my gold will be robbed. I will be left with nothing’ Ramakrishna said to himself.

So he used the second mantra and wished that all the gold should be seen by him only and not others. The mantra worked well.

One day Ramakrishna went out to sell some gold to get some money in order to buy food grains. He went to a goldsmith’s shop. He had forgotten his second wish. What he could see as gold the others could not see anything at all. The goldsmith started laughing at him.

“Ramakrishna , you are telling gold. Where is gold ? I am not seeing anything in your hand” the goldsmith said.

By that other people gathered there. They also started to laugh and called him a madman and drove him away.

Ramakrishna was annoyed what he had gained was lost because of his greediness.

MORAL: Greediness never pays

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