The Rose and the Amaranth

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Once, a rose and an amaranth grew side by side in a beautiful garden. Whoever passed by the garden never missed glancing at the rose and always stopped by and admired it for a moment. One day, looking at the rose blossom in beauty and its sweet fragrance, the amaranth said to it, “I envy your beauty and sweet scent. No wonder everyone admires you.” The rose replied sadly, “You only see my beauty. But I live for such a short time since my petals wither away and fall. And then I have no life. But you live forever and never fade even after your flowers are cut. So don’t envy me, my dear friend, but be happy with what you are.”

All things have to live with their own share of problems, which we may not be aware of. We should learn to be content with what we have.

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