The Root of the Matter

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One day, a hungry porcupine came to a dog to ask for food. The dog took the porcupine to a sugarcane field and asked him to eat to his heart’s content. The hungry porcupine chewed away all the plants. The next morning, the owner noticed the dog near his garden and asked him if he had chewed the plants, “Sir, the porcupine is the culprit,” confirmed the dog. When the porcupine was questioned he replied, “Sir, you should judge the matter when both of us are present. Will you wait till I get the dog here?” The man agreed. The porcupine waited for winter to set in. Then on a cold winter morning, accompanied by the dog, he went to the man’s house to solve the case. When the man asked who the culprit was, the porcupine pointed at the dog. The poor dog could say nothing for his teeth kept chattering in the cold. The owner thinking this to be an admission of his guilt beat up the dog.

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