The Red – Feathered Hen

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Red Queen the hen had red feathers. One day, Toby the fox saw Red Queen and said, “I’m going to eat this hen for dinner.” He said to his wife, “Keep the water boiling for a delicious chicken broth for dinner.” Off went Toby to catch Red Queen. He hid behind a tree and waited for her to cross that way. “Too-doodle -doo… Sqawck!” sang Red Queen walking merrily. Toby grabbed her neck and shoved her into a sack. The hen’s friend, the goose, saw what had happened. “I must help Red Queen,” she thought.

The goose lay on the road, pretending to be injured. Seeing the injured bird, greedy Toby left the sack to catch the goose. To his surprise, the goose got up and ran farther and farther away. Toby chased after her. Red Queen took this opportunity to climb out of the sack and escape. She put a stone inside. Unable to catch the goose, Toby returned. “At least I have a hen for dinner,” he thought. He picked up the sack and hurried home. He turned the sack over the pot of boiling water. “Splash!” The stone spilled hot water on the greedy fox and burned his paws!

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