The Pride of Icarus

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The king of Crete had imprisoned an inventor named Daedalus, and his son, Icarus, in a castle with high walls so that they could not escape. But Daedalus had an idea by which they could escape.

He made a pair of wings, which he stuck on his shoulders with wax. Then he made another pair for his son. The father and son moved their arms up and down and flapped their wings. Soon they took off and rose above the walls. On reaching Greece, Daedalus landed on the ground and asked Icarus to come down too. But Icarus was enjoying himself up in the air and was very proud that he could fly like a bird.

His father kept calling out to Icarus to come down but Icarus was enjoying himself and kept flying higher and higher until the heat from the sun melted the wax that joined the wings to his shoulders.

The wings broke off and poor Icarus couldn’t fly anymore and fell down and died.

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