The Playful Mule

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Once, there was a very playful and young Mule. He was also very frisky, as he ate a lot of corn. He had a lot of energy but did not work much.

One day, having nothing else to do, the Mule started galloping in the fields. He was galloping around at a good speed and kicking up a lot of dust. He thought that maybe he was a Horse, because he was so good at racing!

B12The more he thought about it, the more he got excited and said to himself, ‘If I can gallop so fast, then surely, I must be the son of an excellent racer. My father must be great and I have my father’s speed and his skill.’

The next day, the Mule was hitched to a cart full of baggage. His master took him on a long journey. The Mule was not used to hard work and became very tired.

Disappointed with himself, he said aloud, “I have made a mistake. I am a Mule and my father must have also been a Mule. Only a Mule could be so tired doing his work!”

We come to know our true nature only when we test it.

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