The Pixie Plumber

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It was Midsummer Day, the day to meet fairy people. “I’d like to meet a pixie,” said Jill to her brother Billy. “Mummy, will you help us?”

“I’m too busy,” said Mummy. “I need a plumber, but Mr. Wrench is on holiday. I think I’ll try Mr. P. Pixie.”

Soon, a tubby little man in green overalls and a round green cap came knocking on the door. Jill and Billy watched him work with nimble fingers. Suddenly, his cap slipped and Jill and Billy saw his pointed ears.

“Why, you’re a pixie!” exclaimed Jill.

“That’s right,” said Mr. Pixie. “And I’m here because you believed in me and for that there’s some lemonade for you from the tap. Only for today of course,” he added grinning.

Mummy was very happy with Pixie Plumber’s work and wanted to call him again. But, alas, she never did find his number in the phone book again.

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