The Pink Elephant Party

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Pink Elephant was new to Toy Town. So she thought, “I shall invite everyone to a party. That way I can make new friends.” She went and dropped an invitation in every letterbox. When she returned, she found that the number plates on her gate had fallen. She picked them up and put them back.

Next morning, she decorated her house and cooked lovely things. Then she waited for her guests to arrive. Time passed by but no one came. At last, she stepped out of her house. To her surprise, there were many toys passing by her house with presents in their hands. They said that they were going to Pink Elephant’s party. Suddenly, Pink Elephant realised that she had put the numbers on her gate the wrong way. The invitation said house number 13 but the numbers on the gate read 31. Seeing this, everyone laughed and came to the party. Pink Elephant made lots of new friends!

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