The Pied Piper

The town of Hamlyn was once full of rats. They ate all the food, troubled sleeping babies, and made a lot of noise. The people had grown tired of the rats but were unable to do anything. Even the cats were not able to kill the rats.

One day, a queer fellow with piercing eyes, came to town. He was called the Pied Piper. He went to the Mayor and asked him, “What will you pay me if I free your town of every single rat?” The mayor offered fifty pounds to the Pied Piper.

Happy with the offer, the Pied Piper started playing his pipe. Hearing the shrill, keen note, every rat came out from its hole and started following him. The Pied Piper kept on playing his pipe and the rats followed hirn. The piper walked up to the harbour with millions of rats behind him and led them into the water and waited till every rat had drowned.

Now the town was free of the little devils and the people were very happy.

After all the rats were dead, the Pied Piper returned and asked the Mayor for his money. The Mayor said that he could only give him twenty pounds for such an easy job. Now that the rats were dead, the Mayor thought that there was nothing to worry about. But the Pied Piper wanted to teach him a lesson. This time he played a different tune. Hearing his music, the children came out of their houses. They started following the piper, dancing and shouting. The elders watched in disbelief as the Pied Piper led the children far, far away. The Mayor sent his men to look for the piper and bring the children back but none could find the lost children.

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  1. the story given above is not full………………………………………………………the full story is
    long ago , by the weser river in germany was a town called hamelin . hamelin was a lovely town but for its rats ! rats were everywhere in hamelin (inside every cupboard , behind every curtain , under every bed , on every table and even in the streets) every minute , the townspeople heard the rats , shrieking and squeaking .
    the rats eat all their food especially cheese . They with their collective effort even killed the cats . when the townspeople could take it anymore , they went to the mayor .
    Everyone was crying and begging for help from the mayor . but the mayor was also a human being so he was nit able to do anything .
    suddenly , there was a knock at the door , he wore a colourful dress , a long coat and a pointed cap . he said that he will possess a secret charmby which he can draw any creature to him . when he was introducing him the mayor noticed a pipe in his pocket .
    he said that he will remove all the rats from the town if the mayor will pay him a thousand silver Coins .The mayor agreed to give him the money .
    Early next morning , the pied piper stood near the town hall and began playing his pipe . at once , a melodious tune filled hamelene . then 1000s of rats started running towards the pied piper .
    when he started moving the rats also started moving towards him . The pied piper started going down a street . he goes to the river weser and took off his boot and stepped into the waterwhen the rats entered the water they died .
    on the evening , tge pied piper asked for money fromm the mayor but the mayor refused as he want to do repairs in the town .
    the pied piper started seething with anger .
    next morning , the pied piper stood near town hall and began playing his pipe . soon , there was a rustle hich turns into a bustle . now the children were following the pied piper .
    but the townspeople could not move . the pied piper led the children , who followed him in a cave inside a huge mountain . suddenly they disappeared .
    only a lame returned to the town he said that the pied piper was leading them to a valley where the trees were laden with fruits and was spring foreve . he also wanted to go there but stumbled .
    that day 130 children were missing . they and the pied piper were never seen again .

    written by ANGAD SINGH SUKHIJA

  2. Although most of this story is correct, the common version which is the full is hard to learn I usually stick to the fact's. I will tell you some now.

    In a town called Hamelin 100's of years ago, an epidemic spread to this town, which was usually quite clean, the epidemic was caused by rats, rats were fully eating the food, with their hopes of solving this, they used cats as a first use of protection but they found, they even killed them too.

    After a while, the important towns folk went to the mayor for his judgment, the mayor tried to convince them he could not do any thing and that he was trying to figure out a resolution.

    A few days later on July 16th 1902, a man appeared, he was dressed much like a jester or joker, he told the mayor that he was commonly known as the piped piper and said that for enough money he would get rid of the epidemic led by the rats. The mayor agreed to a ransomed of £75, to which the piped piper agreed.

    The piped piper was a sinister man with a lot of trick up his sleeve, which is why he was known as "The jester" but instead called himself the piped piper, so he took himself to the town center where he played a high-pitched but sweet melody, the piped piper according to the story led them to the river, which is actually false information as he led them to a sand bank in the forest Hanover. (Apox. 50 miles or so from Hamelin)

    When the piped piper came back, he found himself cut down on his offer to £30, outraged at the mayor he tried to bargain higher for a little more money, the mayor refused which was a foolish mistake.

    The piped piper outraged decided to figure out a plan, after 3 nights in Hanover, he decided to creep back into the town, he came up with a plan, he played a melody for the children and slowly they left their homes and followed the piper piper, singing and dancing away, while on the way to his planned place, he fed the children with food that would keep them under the flutes control, he led them to a cave and told the children he would be gone for a while so he put a load of rocks in front of this cage, after a year, he returned to the cave and found only two children alive, the youngest girl and his brother, who committed cannibalism after the children died one by one. He led the two children back to Hanover and led them to the sand bank and watched them sink with a sinister smile on his face. Years later the piped piper was found to be a real person who done these things, his flute in Hamelin museum, his clothes transported to London, but his body has never been found, so people still think his alive, they call him, the symbol of death or bad tidings.

    If you see him in a dream leading your soul away wake up. This is a warning for you to change the road or path you walk along in your life before it is too late for you, you will be led away by the melody of the piped piper never to be seen again.

  3. This story is nice but there was a problem that is all story are writen in past tense so at first you have to write once upon a time there was a town named hamelin in germany

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