The Performer and the Flea

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Once there was a performer who had trained a flea to perform tricks. He went from place to place with his performing flea to earn money.

One day, they visited a distant country and performed in a king’s court. The princess was delighted with the flea’s performance and wanted to keep the flea. She was very stubborn and refused to eat food if her wish was not granted. The king forced the performer to give him the flea and gave it to his daughter. The princess was very happy once her wish was fulfilled.

Left with no means of earning a livelihood, the performer was very upset and wanted his flea back but didn’t know what to do.

After a lot of thought, he made a plan. He disguised himself and went to the king.

“Sire, I beg permission to make a big cannon for you,” he pleaded. The king happily agreed. The performer asked for a piece of silk cloth, some ropes and a basket. But instead of making a cannon he made a big balloon.

The king who had never seen a cannon or a balloon believed the clever performer. The performer told the king that he needed the help of a flea to cool the cannon. The king called for the flea and handed it to the performer.

The clever performer jumped into the balloon and flew away to his country with his flea.

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