The Pen and the Inkstand

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A famous poet had a pen and an inkstand. The pen and the inkstand used to continuously fight as to who was the greatest of the two.

The inkstand thought that if it was not for him, men would never have produced such great verses and become famous. The pen argued that the inkstand was only the raw material. “The real work is done by me, for only when I write do beautiful lines fill up a page,” insisted the pen. The two argued all the time.

One day, the poet came and wrote some lines on a paper, “How stupid is a violin and a bow for both claim that they made the music, when actually someone else composed it! How often do men boast of taking credit for their creations, forgetting that they are all actually instruments in the hands of the biggest creator—God!”

However the pen and the inkstand were very foolish and did not understand the true meaning of the lines and continued to fight forever.

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