Before he got his beautiful tail, the Peacock was an ordinary bird, with a small bunch of feathers.

One day, the Peacock visited Juno, the Goddess of Protection. The Peacock told her that he wished to look grand and beautiful. Juno smiled. He was a good bird and she liked him.

The Peacock then described the long train of brightly coloured feathers that he wanted to trail behind him. He also wished to be the loveliest of all the birds!

To his great joy, Juno agreed.

What a wonderful tail he got! Blue and green with a jewel-like pattern, opening up like a fan when he raised it. Now the Peacock decided to walk like a king! So he held his head high and walked with style!

The common birds looked at him in surprise! Even the pretty long tailed pheasants were jealous!

After showing off his tail, the Peacock decided to fly.

The Peacock was shocked! He simply could not fly. He could take a few flying steps, but nothing more! He sadly realised that had lost a wonderful ability, simply because he had wanted to look good!

Think well before you choose what you want in life.

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