The Paper Kite

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A beautiful Paper Kite was flying high in the sky. It was brightly coloured, with long, curly tassels and a long string.

The Paper Kite was so high up, above all the trees and other kites, that it was giddy with excitement.

Admiring itself, it said loudly, “0 look at me flying so gracefully! If I were free, I could go far away.”

The Paper Kite tugged at its string, as it wanted to fly right through the clouds and above the eagles.

However, the string was strong and held it tight.

The Paper Kite impatiently tugged at its string again, and the string broke.

The Paper Kite was full of joy. It tried to fly higher but suddenly, it started falling. The Paper Kite tried with all its might to stay up, but it kept coming down. Free of its string, the Paper Kite had become too heavy and could not control itself. It drifted towards the sea and was washed away in the tide.

The Paper Kite cried, “O poor me! I wanted to fly higher and higher. Look what I got for being so proud.”

The proud and careless always suffer.

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