The Owl

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One day a huge horned owl lost her way. Fearing attacks from other birds, she took shelter in a granary next to an old house. The keeper of the granary saw the bird perched on the roof and yelled for help. He ran to his master and told him about the owl.

The master came armed with an axe but when he saw the huge bird he too was terrified and fled. A village council was set up and there it was decided that every villager would arm himself with weapons and attack the bird.

However, when the villagers arrived, they saw the bird and all their bravery disappeared. Then one brave man stepped out, took a spear and sword and climbed up the roof. He had nearly reached when the bird flapped his wings, snapped its beak, and gave such a loud shriek that the man fainted and fell to the ground below.

Unable to find any other alternative, they burnt the granary and killed the bird.

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