Long ago when there was nothing, God created heaven and earth. The earth was completely dark without any shape and hunged over the ocean water. God created everything just by the power of his vocal commands.

The first day God said, “Let the light shine.” The light appeared. He called the day to the light and the night to the darkness.

On the second day, God commanded, “Let the oceans divide.” A great space appeared between the waters. God called this space ‘sky’.

On the third day, God commanded, “Let there be dry ground.” He found a big dry ground called ‘Land’. He also wished to grow up different kinds of trees, crops, vegetables and fruits which a speared on the Land.

On the fourth day, God wished, “Let sky be filled with light”. The sun and the moon came into existence. Uncountable stars and planets also appeared and formed galaxies on the fifth day. God said, “Let the oceans be filled with fishes and water animals and the sky with birds.” This wish was fulfilled the same time.

On the sixth day, God created the animals of different shapes and sizes. And finally he wished to create men and women. He blessed them saying, “Give birth to other men and populate the earth, subject the earth to your will and rule over everything. I have given you my powers so that you can take care of all living and non-living things.”

By the seventh day, God started to take rest as his work was over.

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