The One-Eyed Giant

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Once there lived a giant who had a long blade of iron called the giant’s knife. He had only one eye in the middle of his forehead. He used to grind the bones of his victims and make bread out of it.

The giant captured a small boy named Jack, one day, but he didn’t grind his bones. Instead, he made Jack his servant. For years Jack served the giant. He tried hard to escape but could not. The giant also kept a ferocious dog.

One day, Jack found the giant sleeping after a heavy meal. His knife lay in his hand but in sleep he had loosened his grip on the knife.

Jack saw this as a good opportunity to get rid of the wicked giant and escape. He quietly took the knife and pierced it into the giant’s eye. The giant howled in pain and died instantly. Jack also killed his dog that was sleeping nearby.

Then Jack quickly opened the door and ran away and never came back.

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