The Old Witch

A poor girl was looking for work. She came across a cottage with a huge oven kept outside. To her surprise the oven said, -Please take the bread out, it is baked.” The girl took the bread out and put it on the ground.

She saw that she had reached a witch’s house. The witch kept her as a servant and made her work all day and all night. The witch warned her never to look up the chimney in the house. One day the girl was overcome by curiosity. “Why has the witch has forbidden me? Let me look.” She found a bag of gold! She took it out and was about to run home with it when the witch returned. The oven said, “Quick! Hide behind me.” Soon the witch came to the oven and asked, “Have you seen the girl pass by?” The oven said, “Look inside me.”

As the witch bent to look inside the oven, she fell into it. She howled in pain and was burnt to death. The girl took the gold home and lived happily ever after.

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