The Old Trout, the Young Trout and the Gudgeon

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In the month of May, a Fisherman stood by the banks of a river. He carried a fishing rod and an artificial fly as his bait. He was very experienced and he threw his bait with so much art that a Young Trout rushed towards it.

She was just nearing it, when her mother prevented her. The Old Trout spoke, “No, My Child! Never rush to a place where there is a possibility of danger. Take time to think of your actions. How do you know that it is actually a fly? It could be a trap set by an enemy! Let someone else check first. If it is really a fly, it will escape the first attack. Then, the next attack will have to be made more carefully, till we have won over the fly.”

No sooner had the mother uttered these words, than a Gudgeon attacked the artificial fly. The Gudgeon was, at once, caught. However, it served as an example to the Young Trout of the importance of her mother’s words.

Experience comes with age and should always be valued.

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