The Old Man Made Young Again

Once upon a time when God lived on earth, he went with St. Peter to an ironsmith’s house. Along came a beggar who was crippled and old.

St. Peter asked God to make the beggar a young man. God agreed to do so. He put the old beggar on the ironsmith’s coals and then immersed him in some water.

The beggar now came out as a young man. The iron-smith’s mother-in-law saw all this. She was very greedy and asked the beggar if the coals were very hot. The beggar replied, “No, they were as cold as dew.” When God had left, the ironsmith asked his mother-in-law if she would like to be young again. She said yes and he put her on the burning coals. She cried out in pain and howled and the iron-smith’s wife came running.

When she saw her mother all burnt and injured, she was very angry at her mother’s greed in wanting to be young again and her husband’s foolishness.

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