The Old Man and Death

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There was an Old Man who had to work very hard. He had to cut wood in the forest, every day. One day, he thought to himself, ‘Oh! This work is too hard for me!’

Now, the Old Man had to carry the logs into the city for sale. He had to walk a long distance with his load to reach the city. He often thought, ‘I wish somebody was there to help me with this hard work!’

One day, when he was walking towards the city, he became very tired with his long journey. He sat down by the wayside and threw down his load in anger. Then, he started saying loudly, “I hate this hard work. Why doesn’t Death to come me?”

When “Death” heard the Old Man calling him, he immediately appeared in answer to his summons. Death asked him, “Why did you call me?”

The Old Man was shocked to see Death as he did not want to die. The Old Man hurriedly replied in much fear, “I called you so that you might help me in lifting the wooden logs. Please help me to place them again upon my shoulders.”

Think before you speak.

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