The old lady of Somanahalli

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Long long ago there lived an old lady in a village called Somanahalli. She was the only lady in the village to have a hen with her. In addition she had a stove which was usually kept burning in the morning.

Every morning at sunrise the hen would crow `Ko kho kho kho.’ The villagers would arise on hearing this and would then go about doing their work. Naturally then would come to the old lady’s house and take a piece of burning charcoal from the fire with that they would ignite the fires in their houses.

This was the practice every day in that village. She became proud. She felt that because her hen crowed every day, the sun rose and without fire from her stove nobody could light fires in their houses. She began to tell the same to the villagers, but they only laughed. So she decided to teach them a lesson.

She was not happy with the villagers. She thought that they are not loyal to her. One night she took her hen and the stove and quietly left the village.

`Let me see, how the day will break without my hen and how they light the fires in their houses without my stove’ she talked to herself.

She lived in a nearby forest. Next day, the people of Somanahalli didn’t hear the crowing of the hen. However, the Sun was shining brightly. They woke up and went to Her house to bring fire. But she was not there. They didn’t see the stove also. Somehow they lit the stoves in their houses and cooked their food . A few days passed. The villagers forgot about the old lady and her hen.

It was on sunday. She was wondering how the villagers were doing without her . She asked the villager: “Please tell me, are you all eating your food ? Is the Sun rising every day ?”  The villager laughed loudly. “Granny, just because your hen is not there to crow, do you think the Sun does not shine? Do you mean that we are supposed to die from hunger because your fire is burning no more?”

she realised her mistake. Her pride disappeared. The Sun would rise and set whether her hen crowed or not she was ashamed of her behaviour. She returned to the village.

 MORAL:  Live with others in harmony. 

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