The Oak and the Sugarcane

An oak tree and a sugarcane plant stood in a field. The oak tree was very proud of his height and strength while the sugarcane was humble and Just listened quietly when the oak tree boasted about himself.

One day, when a light breeze was blowing, the oak tree jeered at the sugarcane and said, “Oh, sugarcane! You are so small and light that you -.could be blown away even by …e slightest wind. Look at me! I will always stand tall even in the strongest storm!” The sugarcane kept quiet and did not retaliate.

Suddenly, the wind changed direction and became very fierce. A mighty storm struck the fields and went on and on. The sugarcane bent lightly and let the storm pass over him. But the vain oak tree stood tall and tried to fight the storm. The storm was stronger and the oak tree soon broke and fell. He realised that he should not have made fun of the sugarcane.

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