The Nightingale's Advice

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One summer night, a man lay listening to a nightingale’s song. He was so fascinated by the song that he captured the nightingale. He held it in his hands and said to it with pride, “Now you shall sing to me every night.” But the nightingale replied that it never sang in a cage.

The man was furious and threatened that if the nightingale did not sing then he would kill it. “Oh, please don’t kill me,” the nightingale pleaded. “Set me free and I shall tell you three very valuable things which will prove more useful than me.” The man opened the cage and the nightingale flew off to the branch of a tree. Then it said, “Never believe a captive’s promise for he will deceive you. Second, learn to keep what you have and finally, don’t cry over what is gone.” Saying this, ‘it flew away.

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