The New Hat

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Pansy had a new hat made of freshly picked rose petals. She went for a walk wearing her new hat. She had gone just a few steps when she heard a flutter of wings and before she knew it her hat had disappeared. She looked up to see it in Sam Starling’s beak. “Come back, Sam!” Pansy shouted. Sam dropped the hat and it fluttered to the ground right by the side of Tommy Tortoise. Rose petals were Tommy’s favourite food.

“No! Don’t eat my new hat, Tommy,” said Pansy. “I’ll find you something else.” She found a dandelion. But the black bird got to it first. Pansy looked around and found some runner beans. But this time Peter the puppy came by and ran away with the beans. Sadly Pansy walked up to Toby, “I couldn’t bring you any food Tommy, but please let me have my hat.” For an answer, Pansy heard the soft snores of Tommy the Tortoise. She quietly picked up her hat and made her way home, feeling very happy.

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