The Naughty Clock Winder

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The king of Elfland had a large collection of clocks. An elf called Dickory Dock had to wind them up every day. Dickory Dock was a forgetful elf So the king gave Dickory Dock an enchanted key and said. “Now you don’t have to use many different keys. You can wind up all the clocks with this key. In fact, it can wind up anything.”

Alas! Dickory Dock would still forget to wind the clocks. The furious king punished him severely. The naughty elf decided to teach the king a lesson. He wound up all the furniture in the castle! Soon all the chairs and books were dancing. “Mercy on its! This must be Dickory Dock’s doing. Fetch him!” exclaimed the king. He wound Dickory Dock up with the magic key and banished him from the kingdom. And so he goes dancing around to this day.

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