The Nail

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A tradesman had done a good day’s business at a fair. The next morning, he took his bag of money and rode off on his horse planning to reach home by evening.

On the way, he stopped at an inn for lunch. A stable boy told him that a nail was missing in the shoe of the left foot of the horse. But the tradesman did not listen to him as he was in a .hurry to reach home. A little later, the tradesman was advised by another stable boy to fix a nail on the horse’s shoe but yet again he didn’t pay attention to him in his hurry to reach home as soon as possible. The horse began to limp after some time and soon it fell down and broke its leg. The tradesman had to leave his horse on the way .and walk home. On the way, two robbers attacked him and stole his money.

As the tradesman walked home, battered and beaten, he regretted not fixing the nail on the horse’s shoe in his haste to reach home.

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