The Mouse Which Saved the Eagle

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In a jungle, there lived an eagle. The eagle had made his nest high up on a tree. At the foot of the tree, a mouse had built his small house.

The eagle had set his eyes on the mouse. One day, while the mouse was playing outside, the eagle swooped down from his nest and picked up the mouse from the earth. Then, he flew high up and returned to his nest.

When the eagle was about to bill the mouse and make a meal of him, the mouse pleaded, “Please spare my life. I want to live, just as you want to live. If you spare me, maybe, someday, I can save your life.”

After listening to the mouse’s pleading, the eagle started laughing, “Oh, what a joke! You tiny creature, how can you save my life?”

The mouse pleaded again, “Please give me a year’s time. If I haven’t saved your life on at least one occasion by then, you can kill me and eat me up.”

Somehow, the eagle was convinced. He dropped the mouse back on to the ground, and flew off in search of food again.

A few months passed. One day, a bird-catcher came to the jungle. The bird-catcher had spread his net where the mouse and the eagle lived.

Very soon, the eagle was caught in the net. He tried hard to free himself but couldn’t. Then, he shouted for help, “Save me please! If someone can hear me, please come and save me.”

The mouse heard the eagle’s cries, and came out running.

The bird-catcher was away for lunch.

The mouse, without wasting any time started cutting up the net with its sharp teeth. Within no time, the eagle was freed.

The eagle thanked the mouse for having saved his life. The eagle realized that no creature, however tiny, can be considered weak. Each one is blessed with its own unique strength.


Don’t be deceived by the looks or size of others; however silly or small they may appear to be. Never underestimate others.

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