The Mouse Which Believed In Itself

One day a group of mice were playing in a jungle, when two of them fell into a pit full of water. The two mice didn’t know how to swim, so they began to jump in order to come out.
All the young mice gathered around the pit to watch what was happening. On seeing the two mice jumping for their lives, the naughty mice started clapping. The other mice started shouting, “Hey, you fools, you can never come out. The pit is very deep. Both of you are going to die soon.”
The two mice ignored the comments, and tried to jump up out of the pit. The other mice kept shouting, telling them to stop trying. Finally, one of the mice took its head out of water to hear what the other mice were saying. On hearing the crowd, he got discouraged and gave up. He sank further into the water, and within no time, died.
The other mouse kept jumping as hard as he could. The crowd of mice kept telling him to stop trying, as it was futile. But, the mouse jumped even harder and finally made it out.
When the mouse came out, the other mice wondered how he had survived. Why did he keep jumping, despite their discouragement? To their surprise they found that the second mouse was deaf, and could not hear their negative comments.
When the other mice were clapping and shouting at the two mice, the second mouse thought that they were encouraging him to try further to save himself. It was the positive belief of the second mouse that saved his life.

Never go by the negative comments of other people. Turn a deaf ear to the discouraging words of others. Believe in yourself.

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