The Mouse that Retired from the World

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Once, there was a Mouse who had many problems in his life. He left his native place and went to live in Holland. There, he got plenty to eat. He worked hard and built a house for himself. He also stored a lot of

1 food to make his old age comfortable. He grew fair, fat and round.

In Holland, the Mouse lived all alone and as a hermit. There, he came be known as a religious and kind Mouse.

One day, a delegation from the United Council of Mice was on its way to foreign countries. The delegates were on the holy mission of the Great Cat War. They were out to seek aid for their poor Republic in its fight against the Cats.

The delegates also approached the Mouse for help. “Dear friends,” said the Mouse, “I am no more concerned with the things of the world, now How can a poor and lonely person like me be of any help to you? I can only pray for you and that I will.”

Saying this, the Mouse shut the door on them.

You cannot be a good person if you do not help your own family and neighbours.

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