The Mouse and the Sun

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A small boy, who lived on the snow-covered hills, came down to the plains to spend a day.

It was very hot in the plains and the feather coat that he was wearing shrank due to the heat of the sun. Not used to the heat, the boy was very angry and decided to punish the sun. He went back home and asked his sister to make a net with her hair.

The next morning he went to the top of the hill and just as the sun came up, he caught it in the net. That day the sun did not rise and the animals could not go out to look for food. They saw that the sun was trapped in a net and sent the mouse, which used to be very big in size at that time, to cut the net.

The mouse cut the net with his sharp teeth and freed the sun. All the animals were happy now and rejoiced. But due to the heat of the sun, the mouse had shrunk and become very small. That is why a mouse is so small in size.

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