The Monster in the Sun

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0nce, an Astronomer was observing the Sun through a telescope. While he was working, he was astonished by what he saw. A large portion of the Sun was covered by a Monster of a huge size and horrible form! The Monster had a huge pair of wings and a lot of legs. His long, big tongue was sticking out.

The Astronomer began to draw many conclusions. He calculated the size of this extraordinary animal and found that the Monster was seven or eight times as big as the Moon. However, what was most strange about the Monster was the amount of heat it would bear!

To live on the Sun would mean tolerating heat two thousand times more than that of a red-hot iron!
The Astronomer informed the others. Quite soon, many other scientists and astronomers came to see this Monster through the telescope. They all agreed with the Astronomer’s results.
At last, one careful and intelligent Scientist came to see this strange sight. He opened the telescope, and
found a small Fly trapped in the centre of the objectglass. It was this Fly which was giving the illusion of the Monster!

Use your common sense.

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