The Mole’s Adventure

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Ginger the cat was excited to see a beautiful morning. “I shall go for a stroll and enjoy the lovely fresh air.” So off went Ginger merrily.

She came across a tiny mole peering out of the earth. “Good morning, Brother Mole,” hailed Ginger.

“What a grand morning sister. I’ve come up from my burrow in search of adventure,” said the mole. “What do you want to do?” asked Ginger. “I want to climb a tree. Will you help me?” “Moles can’t climb trees,” exclaimed Ginger. “But if you really want some adventure I will help you.” Ginger thought for a while and had a wonderful idea. There was a swing nearby on the lowest branch of an apple tree. Ginger put the mole on the seat and pushed it higher and higher. The mole screamed in delight. “Oh! What fun I’m having.” Meanwhile, Ginger quickly climbed up the other tree and grabbed the mole as he swung near him. The mole found himself standing high up on a tree! “I can’t believe it. I’ve climbed a tree at last. Thank you, you have made my wish come true!”

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