The Miracle

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Freddy was crippled from his birth. He could neither walk nor stand erect. His parents adored him a lot but Freddy was unhappy for he wanted to dance and play like the other children. His parents took him to every doctor in the city but nobody could cure Freddy. One day the entire Smith family along with Freddy’s grandparents went to a lake resort for a picnic. Freddy was made to sit on his mat in the garden while the others walked               around. Suddenly a little bug fell on Freddy’s hands. Disturbed, Freddy wanted to throw it down. “Please don’t throw me down. I can’t survive in the cold,” requested the bug. Freddy took pity and let it crawl down his legs. As the bug crawled, Freddy could feel a tingling sensation in his legs which he had never experienced before. Then all at once he felt a jerk and stood up. His parents rushed to him. No one could believe what they saw. “Good Lord, Freddy you can stand up,” hugged his mother while Freddy looked for the bug. But it was nowhere to be seen.

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