The Man Who Saved the Moon

One night, a foolish man was crossing the forest. He had been walking for some time and felt tired and thirsty. When he came upon a well he thought he would quench his thirst. He bent down to pull the water out. He saw the reflection of the moon in the well and sighed, “The moon has fallen into the well. I must save it.” He quickly fetched a rope and a hook to pull up the moon. He tied the hook to the rope and then dropped it into the well. Suddenly, the hook hit a heavy stone. “Aha, I’ve got the moon,” thought the foolish man. The man pulled hard. He pulled and pulled and pulled. But the stone would not budge. Suddenly, the stone moved and the force made the man fall flat on his back. He lay there unconscious for a while and when he regained his senses, the first thing he saw was the moon was in the sky. He said, “Thank God I saved the moon.”

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