The Man who lost his Axe

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Once, there was a Man who was busy digging a ditch in his vineyard. He was tired and wanted to rest. So he put down the Axe for some time. When he had rested enough, he wanted to continue digging. But, his Axe had disappeared!

B15Soon, he called together all his hired men and asked them, “Have any of you seen my Axe , the one I was using?”

“No,” they replied.

The Man was very angry and said, “I know one of you has taken it. I will find out who the thief is, whatever it would cost me!” He insisted, “Come along to the temple of the famous prophet in a neighbouring city.”

While they were washing their feet at the fountain in the market-place the town-crier came and said in a loud voice, “The sacred shrine has been robbed last night! A

large reward would be given to whoever finds the thief.” At once, the Man told his men, “Let us return home

right away. If the God of the shrine cannot tell who robbed his temple, how would he know who took my Axe?”

It is silly to believe that our problems will be solved on their own.

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