The Man who fooled the King

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Once, a Man lived in a country.

One day, he went to the King’s palace. He said, “I can train animals to speak wisely like men.” The King was very surprised and asked, “Can you train my Horse to speak like human beings?”

The Man thought for a minute and said, “Yes, I can! But, I will need ten years to do so.”

The King gave him a large tuition fee and sent the Horse with him.

A Courtier met the Man when he was leaving the palace with the Horse. He said, “It is impossible to teach a horse to speak like human beings. If you are unable to train him, the King will get you killed, immediately.”

The wise Man smiled and said, “The King has given me¬†enough money to live in luxury for the rest of

my life. And Death cannot be controlled by anybody. One cannot guarantee if I, the King or the Horse will live for the next ten years. So, I want to be comfortable till I am alive!”

The Courtier was shocked and told the King about this Man’s plan. The King punished the man.

Too much cleverness may result in foolhardiness.

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